5 Practices to Stop the Fear

5 Practices to Stop the Fear

Even the most courageous people have fears. Maybe your fear is something tangible or maybe a fear of failure or change. No matter what it is that scares you, learn how to acknowledge, confront and take ownership of your fear. This is the way to free yourself from the grips of fear.

  1. Breathe, breathe and breathe

    When we breathe deeply into our bellies two things happen. One, your energy that is being used by our Monkey Mind relaxes throughout your body. Two, breathing tells your fight or flight part of the brain that everything is safe. Instant relaxation and letting go of the fear. Trust me this works well to get us to a place where we can think clearly.

  2. Cancel – Cancel

    Our thoughts are automatic based on previous leanings. Most of which are not true. When your mind goes into the cesspool of fear, stop and say cancel – cancel and replace that untruth with the truth, I can handle this, I don’t have all the information, These thoughts are not valid. This, I find remarkably easy. The more you practice the easier it gets and eventually, the fear will slow down if not altogether disappear.

  3. You Are Not A Future Teller or Mind Reader

How often has fear overtaken your life because of something that hasn’t even happened yet? As humans our need to know the future can be paralyzing. How often have you spent hours, days or even weeks trying to guess the outcome or make an important decision without all the information? Your imagination is a tool and we tend to misuse it. Our imagination and emotions are closely linked and what we imagine can feel very real to us (even when it isn’t at all). There’s no guarantees. You never know how any situation is going to unfold exactly so stop playing it over and over in your mind.

  1. What’s the worst that could happen?

Most of your fears are created in your own head. Have you even sat down to actually consider the worst case scenario? Is it practical or even possible? There are very few if any future events that you will not be able to handle. Look at your past.

  1. You need to have enough courage to trust yourself

You’ve dealt with unexpected and future events before right? In the end, you were fine. Give yourself more credit and learn to trust you’ve handled the future before you will do it again. Regardless of what happens, you’ll make it work.

We like and feel comfortable in our little life boxes’ that we live in. Take the chance and start small, just a toe outside of the lines is living Life Without Resistance.

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