Working With Your Spirit Guides

Working With Your Spirit Guides

Whether they are your Angels, Spirit Guides, Creator, Spirit, Source, or The Universe, these divine messengers are our spiritual “life coaches” and are always working on a subtle level to guide you along this life. They will also provide guidance and wisdom to you when you need it most. These entities can be encouraged, through communication, to work with you on a personal level. All you need to do is be aware.

Say a Prayer

When you are trying to contact or connect with your Spirit Guide, say a prayer. Ask for only the highest vibration and greater good. Stated clearly what you need, not what you don’t want.

Spirits Are Attracted To Us, Think Of Them Often

When we invite them into our daily lives they tend to come. Know without a doubt they are there to help guide and protect us. They hear your call and they will come to you. In fact, that’s their Soul purpose! Be sure to thank them often as you would anyone.


This is when you get your answers. Meditation is a practice of sitting quietly while regulating your breathing, It doesn’t  have to be a big production! The goal of meditation is to quiet the mind. If walking in nature is your thing, or quietly listening to music go ahead, whatever works for you. Be sure you are not distracted by taking the dog or heavy metal!

Be Patient

Communicating takes practice much like learning to walk but you did it! Practice often, daily if you can. Being consistent with when and where help our guides too. It’s like booking an appointment with them.


Do not let your ego get in the way! Trust what you receive; messages from your guides are always loving, positive and your highest interest.

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