5 Ways To Stay Spiritually Connected

5 Ways To Stay Spiritually Connected

What does it mean to be spiritually connected?

Life is an experience. As human beings, we question life, look for knowledge, work on self-improvement and search for the peace and divine. We tend to search outside of ourselves. Yet we already have all the knowledge we need. We’re were born with it however by the time we become adults we can’t seem to find our higher self.
Being connected means being aware of our oneness and staying aligned with our higher self. Not always easy during rush hour or dealing with someone or something we don’t enjoy. When we are connected we are more trusting, less afraid, and we expand our perception. Staying connected is about the good, real and continuous use of your power of intention.

1.Recognize YOUR Creator. You are a part of a whole.
2.Be grateful for all that you have, the good and the not so good.
3.Look for the opportunities to share more love in your world.
4.Become more accepting. With every interaction do not judge.
5.Trust and let go of the fear.

Developing a spiritual practice is a very personal experience. There is no one way or right way and it is a life-long process. Spring is finally upon us and as the earth renews look to renew your spiritual connection.

This is Living Without Resistance.

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