My GPS A LoveHate Relationship

My GPS: A Love/Hate Relationship

I bought my husband a GPS last year for Christmas. It was one of those gifts I really wanted because let’s face it, men don’t need one: they always know where they are.

Personally, I have really never been directionally challenged. I can read a map, Google directions and, if I watch the sun long enough, I can figure out which way north is. But I must say having Justine (that’s what we call the GPS) tell me how long it’s going to take and when to turn and when I’ve arrived is great, makes for a relaxing drive. Should I ever forget where I live she can tell me that too. For all these reasons I love my GPS.

Why could I possibly hate it you wonder? Not only does it tell me I’m going to be late, it has the nerve of being specific! Two minutes, ten minutes… there goes the calm and relaxing drive out the car window! And may the force be with me if I hit a red light or two lanes merged into one! I begin to break the speed limit more than normal, and change lanes whenever I get the chance all in an effort to change time. I watch the arrival time constantly to see if I’ve saved a minute or two, only to lose them with the next red light. There goes stopping for a chai latte.

So what have I learned over these last few months? Doesn’t matter how fast we go, because we can’t change time. We get there when we get there. If I’m going to be late, I’m going to be late so I might as well enjoy the ride. Much like life, don’t you think? We plan to be at a certain point by a certain time in our lives. Our career, our family, our health or maybe our spiritual path. But one thing for sure is we get there when we get there and we can only enjoy the ride.

This is Living Without Resistance.

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