Do you need to change Your Wisdom

Do you need to Change Your Wisdom?

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is practicing the application of that knowledge. You are constantly learning and when you are able to apply that knowledge to your life it now becomes skill and wisdom. Over your life time your subconscious has gathered and recorded all that you have been exposed too with all your senses. Your daily decisions and automatic actions are based on the gathered information.  To live a life of wisdom you must be willing to evaluate the effectiveness of that knowledge.  You only do what you know and this may not be the most effective or joyful life you can lead. What have you learned that has created the world you are currently living?

To make the changes you must be prepared to transform what you think is the truth. It requires you to accept the new knowledge, trust it, practice it and keep your fabrications of the past in check. You are subconsciously matching patterns from the past with the present. For example: You learned from your mother that to be perfect wife and mother we must keep a perfect house. If you haven’t already figured this one out it’s not true. So why do we stay in the pattern?

Reason one, you blame others. You have become a reflection of your world. You tell ourselves that it’s the world ‘out there that creates your difficulties and unhappiness.  Simple but true. Look closely and you will soon see that it is always someone or something, most often from your past as to why you are unhappy or repeating the same self-inflicted cycle. A relationship ends and you blame. ‘I should have known better you are blaming yourself for not thinking or you blame the other person, he did – she did, you are now the victim. Your parents never handled money well and you therefore never learned how to budget, that’s why you’re always broke. Your partner ends the relationship with no warning, no real reason, according to your perception, you have now become the victim.

Here’s part two. Underneath the blame, the obvious beliefs, your moral values there is an underlying belief that you have about yourself which is a direct result of what you learned, your program, and it is a lie. The lies you learned are deeply embedded in your experiences as a child. You may not even remember those experiences, even though they continue to impact your relationships not only with other but yourself. These experiences create a set of beliefs, attitudes, and values that influence our thoughts and actions as adults. You learned that your value is external, not internal. You became externally motivated and you look to others to determine your worth. You wanted and needed to belong and feel unconditionally loved and this was in direct conflict with what was expected. When you experience conflict and discomfort in your life’s are often mirroring back to you the lies you are deep within.

Knowing yourself and understanding why you have the beliefs that you do is the first step to living wisely and thus living your truth. When you live your truth you can live your purpose.


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