DIY Tree Hugging and Other Summer Activities

DIY: Tree Hugging and Other Summer Activities

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Time Required:  10 “ 30 minutes

Now that the beautiful weather is finally upon us, let’s spend some time outdoors for ourselves. I know you have all heard the hug a tree expression but when was the last time you did it?  For some it may have been recent, others not since being a child. Well in the interest of keeping it short and simple, nature vibrates at the same rate as love and gratitude. So when we spend time in and with nature we sync or vibration with love and gratitude. How can that be wrong!

Ever notice how a child drops and rolls on the grass or your dog. Once again they both know better than most adults.

Here’s how to make to most of your summer vibes:

  1. Brown-bag lunch at a park or sit on a rock or fallen tree in a forest.
  2. Take a detour on the way home, spot a park and run to the swings. Swing as high as you can without creating nausea.
  3. Take some seeds, grapes and feed the ducks (bread’s not good for them).
  4. Go skinny dipping in a lake. (Ask first if it’s in the neighbour’s pool).
  5. Walk barefoot in the mud and don’t forget to squish your toes.
  6. Lay in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds.
  7. Walk in the rain without an umbrella.
  8. Bird or insect watch.
  9. Close your eyes and just listen
  10. Hug a tree. Feel free to hug more than one tree; others do get green with envy!


  1. Take a child along with you next time and watch closely (Make sure to have permission if they are not your own).
  2. Plan a date with a friend or spouse to work through the list together.




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