3 Steps To Connect with Your Soul Mate and Soul Family

3 Steps To Connect with Your Soul Mate and Soul Family

Given that we are all connected at some level, it’s only logical that we’d have a ‘group of other souls we travel with, this being the only time can you can pick your family. So if you are ever concerned with death separating you from a loved one, you can quickly put this concern to rest. You will be reunited without doubt on the other side. You will only be separated for a period of time while you continue to remain on the earth plain.

To connect with Your Soul Family;

  • Notice the people who light you up
  • Do not discount a relationship as not a soul connection because it is difficult. Some soul family members are there to help you become more authentic and your ego will resist.
  • Be authentic with all people. You will discover everyone has the potential to be a soul family member when you do.

Soul families work to help our personal transformation and at the same time, they quicken our experience. Sometimes they come into our lives as a facilitator to lead us in the right direction. It may not always be the easiest of paths but certainly a necessary one.

The most intense soul relationships, especially those we call our soul brother or sister, or especially our soul mate, call upon us to face our deepest fears, release our deepest wounds, and take an awesome leap of faith and courage into the unknown by trusting that everything is exactly the way it should be in our life.

Understanding the dynamics of our soul family and soul experience is one of the first steps in understanding why we are here and getting to our spiritual work.

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