Tis the Season of Receiving

“Tis the Season of Receiving”

I don’t mean gifts, although those that know me are aware that I do really enjoy gift receiving.

What I refer to is Receiving is a gift. Let this season be a time for you to give and receive.

How much time do we spend each day focused on others? Why do we think of giving and receiving as such a tangible thing during this time of year?

My gift for you: some resolutions for the New Year that you can begin to practice over this coming Christmas Season.

Each day wake with the intention that you are open, willing and worthy of receiving all that is good in the universe

(Try doing this one for the rest of your life).

Look around at the family and friends that will surround you over the next few weeks. Selfishly receive all the love and blessing they have to offer you.

Only smile and say thank you when someone offers kind words or kind gestures to you. Know that you deserve to receive them and not just give them.

Embrace and receive what life has to offer as this is the only way to live
Life with the Least Resistance.

Do let me know how you manage with receiving and not just giving.

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