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When Your Time Comes

What I share with you in this month’s blog is what I have learned from the many years of sharing stories, messages and my connection with the invisible world. It is my belief we are all the divine from the moment of birth until the moment of passing and still as we transition back to where we came. What you believe happens after passing is a beautiful thing and the intention is not to challenge that with this blog but to perhaps enrich what you know. Take away what you want and leave the rest with me.

The physical body dies nothing more nothing less. However, at the time of death or just prior, your soul, your consciousness, emerges from the physical body and makes its way to the invisible world.  You will be able to see those around you, perhaps even watch your time of death all without fear or confusions. This will the first of many times you will in presence of both those that you leave here in the earthly world but also those that are there to meet you in spirit form. Someone who has already passed on. Someone who is most certain to be a loved one. The transition will be calm, loving and as peaceful as you allow. At times, our own limiting beliefs and expectations may cause a period that perhaps requires some convincing. If we are so sure we will see a white light or God and don’t, well that’s not going to go over very well and this may take you some time to adjust to. There is nothing for us to fear in fact rather the opposite.

When you pass this process takes you back to all that you truly are, a Spiritual being. Recognize that you are not your body.  There is the awareness of your true self, our higher self, our soul that returns.  Such a freeing experience to leave behind not only the physical body but also the human element of emotions, illness, the pain, and suffering. All the physical and emotional attachments disappear. You become one again. But it doesn’t stop there.  All the events and experiences that occurred in your lifetime are there to help you to evolve and understand all that there is to know. Something I believe, we will never obtain here.

As I understand it, there is a time where you review your living experiences, the ones you chose, you asked for, both the wonderful and the difficult times. You will access your accomplishments and see all that you did and didn’t do.  Were you able to experience gratitude and compassion? Did you accept both the easy and difficult gracefully? A check list if you will, of what was experienced (learned) during your time here. Your spiritual list is extensive, at times you may take on too much and in other lives, you’ll go a little easier on yourself. Either way, you will work on this list until you find balance and wisdom in as many lives as it takes.

Your family that remains behind still is your family. There is still a relationship, it’s just different now.

When it’s your time to let go of this world and return to spirit, find comfort in the fact that this is merely part of the process of the Divine Universe. The complete circle of life that includes death. You are here or you are there just like those that have passed before you. There’s no need to fear death. It is merely a transition into the next phase of your spiritual journey.

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  1. Such a beautiful and peaceful piece…thank you for sharing!

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