The 5 Steps to Your Escalating Intuition

The 5 Steps to Your Escalating Intuition

The power of the human brain is remarkable. In a small gland located in the middle of your brain is the pineal gland. It is believed this is where our intuition/psychic ability is located. This gland corresponding energy centre is the Ajna chakra also known as the brow chakra and the third eye chakra. When this gland or chakra is activated there are symptoms and signs to be aware of and embrace (if you ask me).

  1. A pressure in the forehead is likely the most common. It can feel like a pulse, pressure and there may even be some tingling or heat. This is the expansion of your third eye, an activation. Many things can cause this, certainly too many to mention here. Your intuition that has been with you since birth becomes dormant. It’s not anything new to who you are, it just you’re becoming aware.
  2. Perception shifts will cause you to see the oneness of all things. A higher state of awareness and consciousness and therefore, the ability to become more sensitive to not only your energy but others too. You will notice this happens in stages. Firstly, your awareness of self and then the connection to others. Soon the illusion of separation ceases to exist.
  3. You may find your tastes change. Sensitivity to toxicity increases. Chemicals and processed food just don’t do it for you anymore. Food is energy, so you naturally crave what truly nourishes you, making your diet cleaner. Your energy is the energy that you eat.
  4. How you used to think before doesn’t make sense any longer. You begin to think differently, reprogram and lose what no longer works or is not helpful to you. In the beginning, you may find you question society, and life. This leads you to look for the answers that are your own, not what we’ve been taught. You’re new found truths replace the old.
  5. Intuition is no more “just a gut feeling”, but now a rediscovered ability to work with higher and higher levels of accuracy. Synchronicities, you identify that they are a way for the universe to communicate with us. You notice more what has always been there. Now you can truly see!

Often, I’m asked how to make this natural process of who we are. Fact is you can’t. It would be like expecting a child to not want to walk or learn to speak. It is a part of who we are, a part of our brain, you can’t fight that. Embrace and love it. At the least learn to accept it. Cause it’s not going anywhere.

Be well,

Karen Strumos
Intuitive Medium

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