That Guidance You’re Looking For; How to find it.

That Guidance You’re Looking For; How to find it.

Everyone at times seeks guidance perhaps your boss, friend or family member. Often, we seek guidance that’s not part of our perceptible everyday life. We turn to others who we see as having a special connection to the invisible world. A connection to angels, guides and spirits. This is not wrong but can be an issue when we think that this guidance can be obtained by some chosen few.  This is not the truth.

There is a lot of help available, no one has your answers, you must first find yourself.  Wisdom, knowledge and peace all come from within.  You must move from the external world to your inner world. And there exists the solutions to all your questions and concerns.

I want to share some advice on how to connect with your guides, your Higher Self so that you can begin to pursue your personal direction.

Meditate. Such a bad word to some and yet extremely important. Meditation does not have to be an hour long silent retreat with candles and music. Nice if you have the time and place. Meditation is the act of silence allowing us to have a deeper connection to self. We ask for guidance but when do we stop and listen for the answers? Daydreaming, resting our eyes, watching tv often turns into meditation or a creative endeavour. It’s all about listening to nothingness; if you are too busy you can’t listen.

Vibration frequency is science and your energy must be at the right frequency. It’s like tuning into a radio station. If you want to hear the message you have to be in tune with the right frequency. The secret is to let go of control. Breath, relax and be patient.  Nothing bad happens if you release control, I promise the sky will not fall. When you let go you become in a state of peace. This raises your vibration, hence listening becomes easier.

Trust your intuition it is never wrong. Never. This I have learned to trust. It’s so easy to doubt ourselves. Your intuition will sound different than your thoughts; it’s more direct and has no emotional attachments. It just is. You can see, feel, hear and even just know the truth. But you either don’t notice or when you do doubt yourself. Use your insight and trust yourself.

Be open, can’t say this enough. Do not pursue or hunt for the answer, it will come to you guaranteed. And when it does trust in it. You’ve known before and been right. Never forget that. When the answer comes take it. All the guidance in the world means nothing if you don’t accept and act upon it.

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  1. Thank you for this, especially the last sentence … exactly what I needed to hear today.

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