How can a Tarot reading help you?

The types of readings I share are not simply concerned with predicting what’s going to happen to you over the next few days or weeks, I don’t think this is a particularly productive use of the Tarot. Rather than trying to tell you what is going to happen to you, I think it’s much more useful to tell you what’s happening to you now, how you can handle the situation and what’s in it for you as it relates to your life path.

Tarot can help in areas your earthly experience, as a soul, which you may not even be fully aware of. I will put prominence on how you can act more successfully in your current circumstances. The Tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on a specific situation and often your life.

There are various times you may find it particularly useful to have a Tarot Reading. These might include:

  • When you feel stuck, even drifting, or perhaps just trying to understand what’s happening in your life. Tarot can be very effective at suggesting actions you could be exploring, or what you need to complete to get moving forward again.
  • When starting a new phase in your life or looking for a change. Tarot may be able to suggest how to approach this time in your life, where to focus your energy and what directions you may want to consider.
  • When considering a major decision. Tarot will not a decision for you. However, a reading can highlight the most important issues to consider, suggest possible directions, and even inspire you in ways you may not have even considered.


Why I do not fortune tell’.

While attempting to see into the future is interesting and perhaps fun, I’m just not sure how valuable it would be to you. There are so many influences that are acting on life at any given instant, so many random factors day to day, it’s my belief reading the future can not and never will be 100% accurate. Life changes on a dime, one simple decision even made by another can affect the outcome of any situation.

My readings are dedicated to showing people the influences acting in their life and giving them insight into how to take control of them. I may warn of possible consequences, however, my point in doing so is to give people the opportunity to change their thoughts, direction, take control, and from a future that they choose not one that is laid out for them.

Cost $75.00 + HST by phone


$100 + HST in office

 Each session is 45-60 minutes


Hi Karen, I hope you are feeling better. Just wanted to let you know how great you are. Anytime I talk to you I feel like I can concur the world. Of course I rave about you to anyone I know. My neighbor Tania, is interested in having a tarot reading done. I’ve passed along your email address to her. She will be contacting you soon. She’s not on Facebook so she can’t message you that way. I know you can help her as you’ve helped me and many I know. You are awesome! I’m blessed to have met you and know you. Have a great night!