Are you living the life you were meant to live?

Every decision we make is driven from our inner thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes, we need some guidance when connecting our inner souls with the outer world. I am not here to interfere with your life path, but rather to act as a spiritual mentor and bring a fresh perspective to your life experience.

Every individual is unique and so is my approach to Spiritual Counselling.

I have studied this field of work for decades, but most of the methods I use during a session I have learned and simplified myself. In addition to these methods, I use my abilities as an Intuitive Medium, which I have practiced and applied for more than 15 years in efforts to help support others in finding and pursuing their individual life paths.

I use only the information most necessary to you and your specific path.

When you book a Spiritual Counselling Session with me, together we will pick the direction most useful in helping you become closer to a place of peace as quickly and comfortably as possible. A numerology reading, which is based on the study of numbers and the manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies as part of the cosmic plan, will help us see what it is you are here to work with and what this current time shows as a focus for change.

How Does It Work? Spiritual Counselling Session Breakdown

There are three key steps we will follow when you book a spiritual counseling session with me:

Step 1: We will look at the nature of your issue and what kind of solution would make you happy.

Step 2: Using different methods, I begin searching from a spiritual point of view for what it is that your soul needs in order to grow in this lifetime.

Step 3: Together, we will work with your soul using a series of exercises, practices, and understanding to find the right path to the solution you are looking for.

The Underlying Philosophy

It is my belief, without any doubt, that we are born absolutely perfect; nothing more or less than divine, perfect love and energy.

Each and every one of us is meant to have a peaceful and healthy life. The more you begin to see this and accept this as your true life path, given from the divine, the better your life will be.

I believe once we clear all the filters we have learned since birth, your divine perfect light will shine as it is meant to do.

You are as perfect as the day you were born.


Cost: $100 per session or $275 when you prepay for three sessions. (Plus HST Beginning Aug 1st, 2016)

Our sessions were just what I’ve needed and I feel lighter in my step and mood.  Although I know I have some work to do, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it anymore nor do I fear it and everything literally looks clearer and crisper to me.  Maybe that’s the effect of an increase in my vibrational energy. Can’t thank you enough Karen. You said that you really enjoy what you do, and you do it very well.  You have a special gift.  — Joyce

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I am very thankful for Karen Strumos.
Firstly, for helping me understand what my issues were…
and then helping me understand how to overcome them.
This has now allowed change to happen … and it’s about time!
NO more bricks to the head!
“God I love you Karen!”
—  Monica Draper, Draper Web Design

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I completed Life With Symmetry with Karen.  I have a chronic disease that includes a physical disability as well as other challenges add that to a young family (kids are 4 and 8).  I think life will always throw you curve balls.  Having the wisdom that comes with completing a course like this gives me the skills and insight into myself and life situations.  Thank you, Karen, for the bottom of my heart!

Jenise Carl

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You have changed my life.  Gwyn