Bringing you comfort and peace from the other side.

My number one goal is to bring you the long-term comfort and peace you have been searching for. I want to help you find unconditional love.

I’m not here to tell your fortune. I am not here to affect your natural path. I am not here to come in and fix your life; I’m here to guide you in a way that you feel is necessary. I’m here to help you understand and acknowledge your life, and come to a place of self-love.


How Does It Work?

I do this by tapping into your energy, and Spirit’s energy, so I literally become the medium between the energies. I rely on different signals when communicating with Spirit. I like to say I have a different dictionary. I trust my senses. I see in my mind’s eye, I smell, I feel emotion, and I listen carefully to the message Spirit is sending. I don’t try to interpret what Spirit is communicating; I just try to express it to you.

It’s a practice of understanding how to connect the dots. It’s like a puzzle. And it all comes down to trust. You have to be willing to trust.

My clients often compare me to Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. We work in a very similar way.


Private Readings

Are you looking to connect with a past loved one? Join me for a private session. I really enjoy working one-on-one with my clients. There is no filter, nothing holding your energy back. It’s the best opportunity for you to get the answers you are looking for.

My focus is always on sharing empowering words and healing communication from those who have moved on to the Spirit World. Before a private reading, I encourage you to ask your loved one(s) to attend the session in spirit. Consider bringing a personal item of theirs this can help improve the communication. Keep in mind, while I try my best to focus on your wishes, Spirit decides what messages will be communicated.

Cost: $100  (Plus HST )

My mother recently passed. The four of us were taking shifts sitting with mom through the night. At about 4:15, mom’s breathing became very shallow. I called my husband on my cell to tell him to get here ASAP. We were all there, and mom passed peacefully within a few minutes of my husband arriving. During my session with Karen, my mom came through. Karen asked me, Who wasn’t there? [She said], Your mom waited for that person to be there. It was very important for her to wait because he is like another son to her. Wow! What a wonderful message for my husband. (How could anyone ever have known that?!) It was good to know mom crossed over peacefully and has no pain. Thank you Karen for a wonderful message.’
– Wendy

I came to Karen wishing she would help me to communicate with my Dad that had passed a few years back.  I had tried several other ways before, (including being in an audience with Theresa Caputo) to communicate with Dad so I could make peace with our last goodbye.  Nothing worked.

Thankfully with Karen’s help, my Dad’s spirit came forward and he revealed several special moments that the two of us had shared together, therefore confirming it was him.  This incredible session has helped me to continue on with my life with peace & joy in my heart.  

Rose Marie

A great reading with Karen, she made me feel so comfortable – reading and her messages were so accurate and gave me great peace to know others are with me always.  I went to one of her group sessions prior, her gentle nature and work is such a gift (although she doesn’t refer to it as that) she channels messages from our loved ones. Watching Karen channel messages to others is very enlightening and I would recommend Karen to everyone and I will be back for another reading in the near future.

Kelly, Mount Albert

Group Readings

Group readings can be very beneficial for families, friends and community members. I will join you in a space where you are most comfortable, bringing empowering words and healing communication from friends and loved ones in the Spirit World.

Again, note that Spirit decides who to communicate to, and what messages to send. But I always try my best to bring messages to everyone. Before attending a group session, ask your loved one(s) to attend the session in spirit, and consider bringing an item of theirs to improve the communication. I am always sensitive and aware of the nature of any communication and my intention is simply to deliver Spirit’s messages in a kind and healing manner.

While I thoroughly enjoy group sessions, it is not about entertainment. I am there with a purpose, and it is up to you to trust that purpose. Emotions can be high, but I ensure the reading is held in an enjoyable and calm setting. After a connection is made and you get what you need, Spirit will often give little messages to make you laugh, and end on a happy note.


Group Readings at My Office (171Main St S Unit 7 E Newmarket)

$350 plus HST + $35 each person after 10 people

Group Readings on site

$400 plus HST  +$40 each person after 10 people +Travel charge outside Newmarket area starting at $50

**Both require  a $50 deposit at time of booking

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Here’s what a client from a group session had to say:

My brother and I attended a group reading with Karen. She began talking about someone who passed with big hands and was showing her a ring. It was a very persistent vision for Karen. She kept being told about a ring and a hand in front of her face. My brother and I looked at one another and realized that it was our father. We looked down on his hand and he wears my father’s wedding band. My father was there to say he was sorry he didn’t get to say goodbye. My brother was in Halifax at the time he passed of a massive heart attack. Thank you Karen for the closure my brother needed.’
– W.T.