Raise Your Vibrational Energy

At its most basic level, everything is made of energy and is organized into different forms that have different rates of vibration (varying from dense to light). Understand these vibrational frequencies and how to work with them can transform your life. The Laws of Vibration might not be as well known as the Laws of Attraction; however, the Laws of Vibration serve as the foundation for the Laws of Attraction.

Through this workshop, you will understand how you and your environment’s vibrational energy level affects your daily life, your interactions with others, and how it affects what you achieve. PLUS, you will learn ways to increase your vibrational frequency to get you to a higher spiritual level.

Embrace energy by focusing on your own.

DATE: Thursday 05 April 2018

TIME:  07:30PM-9:30PM

COST: $25.00 plus HST

LOCATION:  Your Best Life 171 Main Street South Suite 7E Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 3Y9

PARKING:  Free Parking at the back, off of Doug Duncan Drive, walk up steps on side of the building and enter the side door, the suite is on right

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