Have you ever wondered how your past lives affect the person you are today?

A Past Life Regression enables us to recall scenes, feelings, memories, and soulmates from another lifetime previously experienced.

How can a Past Life Regression session help?

We all impacted by our past lives (whether we aware of it or not), as past life experiences create the dominant patterns in your present life. Past life therapy is a direct way to access information from your past lives and how the experiences are expressed in this lifetime.

Understanding core issues harming us today, and having an awareness of them, helps us move closer to living our soul’s purpose for the current lifetime. A past life meditation can assist you in accessing this knowledge, improve your connections with others, and maybe even address some fears and poor habits!

How does it work?

A Past Life Regression session runs for approximately two hours. Sessions generally contain the following elements, which flow together naturally to encompass a complete regression experience:

  1. We begin by setting an intention for the session – or in other words, what you hope to gain from it. From here, you will be guided through a relaxation process that invites your mind to open and engage in your intuition. This is a very natural process and you don’t have to do anything; the thoughts, visions or feelings will come to you.
  2. Following some breathing exercises, we will continue with a guided meditation. During this time, we begin to observe your past lives. The number of past lives viewed on average is three. During this time, you detach from the here and now, allowing you to speak, hear, and even move while observing your soul’s history. You are in control at all times.
  3. When wrapping up the session, finding links between the past and present is key. This is where the learning, acknowledgment, and change occurs – often with little effort. At this time, we will also review your full numerology report ($75 value), the study of numbers and manner in which they are applicable to you on a personal reflection, thus offer additional life clarity in your life path.

$250.00 (Plus HST )