Trust Your Intuition

Why You Need to Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition’s most important role is alerting us to the path, people, and circumstances we need to be aware of. It is the only tool you arrive in this world with.

Your intuition will tell you things no person or experience can or will. And yet we (our minds) still argue and discredit it. We seem to think being rational is the only way to make choices. What about listening to our inner voice or the gut feeling that comes from within? This is where the real answers are: hidden beneath all that logic.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the knowingness that tells us something is right or wrong, or when we should turn left or turn right. It’s our inner voice that “just knows,” and it does understand what is best for us.

Your intuition falls somewhere between your reasoning and your instinct. Did you know we use only 20$ of our brain for conscious thinking? The rest is unconscious thoughts, breathing, and blinking, for example.

Science can’t explain intuition.

There was a study (you’re going to have to trust me on this one, as I don’t recall the exact details), where people attached to brain sensors and were shown a series of pictures, and researchers recorded their brain activity. Good or bad pictures each displayed a specific brain activity. As the test subject spent more time viewing, they began to show a reaction before even seeing the next picture. Science may not be able to explain this one, but I call that intuition, and I’m running with it.

Many people will have an intuitive thought that comes and goes without emotion. A simple knowingness. It could be finding the right house, or just knowing you have the right person in your life. When you ask people about their story and any important decisions they’ve made, often it’s a maze of plot twits, coincidences (ugh), and going with their ‘feelings’.

How often have you heard someone say, “I just had a feeling.” Perhaps you’ve had your own experience with these words. There are times in our lives where we become so unsure of what to do, we lose sleep, get cranky (in my case), and even just give up. It is at this moment that your intuition is your only option. We see the signs of what life, and our intuition, is showing us and yet, at times, we may misinterpret what’s being shown. I’m here to tell you to stay patient; it will become clear. And at such a point, we just know.

Your Intuition is Always Right

Now here’s where your intuition wants to, let’s say, defend itself. There will be times in your life that you follow your intuition and things perhaps don’t go as expected. The relationship didn’t last, you ended up hating the job, you took the express and should have stayed in the collector lanes. Trust that your intuition knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not. It didn’t send you the wrong way or lead you astray; it leads you to where you have to go. Maybe you ended up taking the express to avoid a traffic accident. And as for that bad relationship you just knew was right? Perhaps it had to happen in order for you to learn what you really want in a relationship.

Do know this: your intuition is not, nor will it ever be, wrong. Confusing at times, maybe, but go with the flow and allow it to navigate you through life. By doing so, you truly you cannot make a mistake.


Do you listen to your intuition when making important decisions? What has the experience taught you? Share in the comments below!

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