Missing Loved Ones At Christmas 2

Missing Loved Ones At Christmas

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the days become very difficult for those who have lost loved ones. It is harder still when the loved one has died close to the holidays. When it is the first Christmas without a loved one or any for that matter, it can become a dreaded and sometimes unbearable time for the family.

In a moment, memories of past holidays can come to mind. Hearing a Christmas carol in the shopping mall or putting special ornaments on the tree can bring a wave of emotion. The tears that come are healing tears, but not always looked at that way.

It makes sense that our loved ones would be with us more often during the holidays because they still participate in all family gatherings. Birthdays, weddings, a birth of a child and even funerals. They know of our intensified sadness in this time of the year. They want us to know that they are with us during these times especially.

I know that our deceased loved ones are with us for the reason that of all of the readings I’ve done over the years there have been many confirmations of life events. I know they’re with us even more around the holidays given the specific messages I receive during the holidays. A grandfather acknowledging the family still is setting a place for him at the Christmas table. A message for a granddaughter that Nana knows she is going to use her beloved Christmas apron this year for the first time. A mother thrilled to know her daughter has continued to family traditions.

If there is one thing I know and could have all trust is that they never leave us, our relationship has only changed. They hear us, they comfort us and laugh with us. As you spend time with family or friends this season, know without any doubt they are with you. Open your heart and you will feel their presence. Ask for a sign and believe in it when it is sent your way. I promise they are there and you are not alone. Celebrate with the joy of Christmas past. This would make them very happy and bring them closer to you.

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