Is There Help From The Other Side

Is There Help From The Other Side?

Understanding Spirit Communication

Just like you have a family here, your passed loved ones are still very much a part of your “extended” family, just on the other side. Much like a family that rallies for support in times of need or perhaps at a celebration gathering, so do those that have crossed. Never doubt they are a part of your life and are there to assist you in many ways. Sending love and support, inspiring and offering you direction. They know what’s going on in your world and will work hard to let you know they are there. Trust that they are involved in your life sending signs and signals although we don’t always recognize them

Some of the ways they assist are;

Creating synchronicities to help alert you to something you need to see or know about. Don’t worry these you will notice.

Following your intuition is always a good idea. They will send you flashes of intuition which may come in the way of a gut feeling, visions or just a knowingness. So often we ignore our intuition, however, it’s a valuable and reliable source of communication.

Sending people into your life.  These are your soul mates more often than not. Your guides will work with the other person’s guide to a chance meeting that creates a change or somehow brings you what you need in your life at the time.

Remember they can only do so much, you have free will.  They can only arrange so much or nudge so hard.  The more you can acknowledge and pay attention the better for you.  Sometimes you just need to surrender and release a situation that may be painful or frustrating and follow their lead. I always suggest talking with them, let them know how you feel and most importantly, thank them for their guidance. They are and always with you. You still have a relationship, it has only changed.

However, it isn’t their job to tell you what to do or to do it for you. You have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your choices and actions. They can’t interfere with your free will, the ability to choose.



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