Finding Your Life Purpose May Be Simpler Than You Think

Finding Your Life Purpose May Be Simpler Than You Think

I am often asked about Life Purpose. In my own journey, I quickly realized there are a bazillion and one books, CDs, DVDs, meditations, etc., on the topic, never mind the websites and who knows how many webcasts.

What if I told you that YOU are your life purpose? 

It doesn’t have anything to do with your work; it has nothing to do with your past or future. What if you are living your life purpose right now?

Finding My Own Life Purpose

During my own spiritual journey and the time I spent seeking my life purpose, I read books upon books, did endless meditations, and talked to so many people my head was spinning. I expected some grand destination with rainbows and unicorns, where I would wake up each morning in a place of euphoria (Que Angels here).

I spent hours each day searching for my life purpose. Was I supposed to have some kind of holistic career? Was I supposed to protest on behalf or others? Or was I supposed to be a mom and wife?

What path was I to pick in order to find that ever-elusive life purpose?

I continued the best possible way I could and waited for the clouds to clear, the sky to open and this big beam of light to shine down and offer its guidance. “Karen, you are too . . . .”

Guess what? It never happened.

You Already Hold The Key to Your Life Purpose

What if you are, at this very moment, on your life path, but you have yet to find your life purpose?

Maybe your life purpose has nothing to do with your work, or nothing to do with others for that matter. Maybe your purpose is all about relearning to love yourself.

Stay with me here.

The day to were born you loved yourself, even before you knew what love was. Somewhere along the way, you misplaced that love because of the path (experience) you must walk, live and overcome while you’re here.

Take a moment to think about that.

What if that dead-end job, your dysfunctional family dynamics, your stressful environment is all designed in such a way to hide your love of self? If you did eventually find it – a way to unconditionally love yourself – and were, therefore, able to love others regardless of your life circumstances, maybe the rainbows and unicorns would show up?

Accept the way things are at this moment.

Stop with the unattainable expectations of yourself, your world and your future. Learn to love yourself and your life just the way it is now. You can continue to work towards the changes you would like to see in your world, but please don’t confuse this with your life purpose (and don’t let it take away from your, self-love).

In the end, you are the only outcome you have control of. You are all you will ever truly have and you really are the only person you will spend the rest of your life with. And if the only thing or person that matters is you, you’ll eventually learn to love yourself just the way you are.

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