I have always been able to feel energies. It’s just a part of me, and for a long time it didn’t occur to me this was anything unusual. I used to suffer badly from depression and anxiety. Then I had an awakening moment one day when a voice in my head told me I couldn’t live like this any longer. This led me to pursue my own path of healing, in efforts to alleviate the fear from my life.

It was when I started meditating that I finally understood my intuitive abilities. This began about 27 years ago.

My work goes beyond the boundaries of being an Intuitive Medium. Yes, I connect with Spirit’s energy, but I also connect with your energy. I am literally the medium between the energies.

I am an Intuitive Medium, Adult Educator, certified Spiritual Coach, Past Life Regressionist and Reiki Master Teacher. My one-on-one sessions, workshops and public readings are designed to help you feel more powerful and realize you are so much more than your physical self.