A Mediums Thoughts

A Medium’s Thoughts

Recently, I was asked how I felt about death when it came to people close to me.

‘It must be easier for you was the comment.

If I had time to ponder and respond to that question sufficiently, I would have answered with this:

There is far more to this life than what we notice in everyday life. I experience this with each client I meet and every group reading. Spirit always lets us know that they are present and part of our lives. Whether they share their excitement about your most recent career move or the birth of a new child, they know all about it.

Spirit presents themselves consistently in our lives with subtle (and at times, not so subtle) signs. Just depends on how well you are listening. We receive messages in ways that are most comfortable for us and often in the most amazing ways. We feel or see their presence, we smell a familiar scent or hear a song at just the right time. It is a new way of communication, one that we need to learn to work with and trust.

Having said all that, our mind, left brain, ego or whatever you want to call it, requires that hard-core definitive proof.  Does my heart ache to hear a voice or give a hug? Absolutely! I am human. However, I have also come to accept that after we lose a loved one, they are there without any questions and often in ways they could never be there for us while still here on this earthly plain. I hope that this point alone brings you comfort.

Spirit, our loved ones, wants us to be happy, go on to live a peaceful, joyful life “ and they will do all that they can to ensure this if we give them the chance.



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