4 Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones

4 Signs From Your Deceased Loved Ones

You only need to be aware to notice the signs from those that have crossed over. Through our dreams, feeling a sensation or perhaps hearing a significant song on the radio, know your deceased loved ones will attempt to connect with you after their passing. There are many reasons why they return to visit, and you don’t have to be a medium to experience the signs of a deceased loved one. Often their visits are only to let you know they are with you and watching over you, most importantly they bring their love.

These ways of communication can occur randomly and at times predictable after a time. It is most common when you are alone and aware of your surroundings to take notice. You can receive a sign when you are fully awake or perhaps in dreamland. Having talked with hundreds of people, here is a list of the most common way Spirit uses to connect.


Sensing their presence

Many people report sensing the presence of their loved one around them just before or long after their passing. You might sense areas energy or even movement in the air. They are the same soul they were with a body as they are now, without a body. There is a knowingness that comes with this connection. You just know, believe it is real.


Smelling their fragrance

These connections are most often presented as the fragrance of cigarette or cigar smoke, perfume, flowers, or cooking of a remembered meal. If you smell baking of Mom’s famous apple pie in your house, chances are, it’s Mom just letting you know she’s around and saying hello.


Receiving a symbolic message or sign

Your deceased loved ones are excited to let you know they are part of your life and most often when you least expect it. So often Spirit will provide us with signs that we cannot ignore and it’s not uncommon for them to repeat a message or sign. Coins, birds, feathers are all some of the most common signs but certainly not limited too. Once you receive this type of symbol you will know this is a message from the other side “ trust this and be aware of things out of the ordinary.



Most often the messages come as a way to reassure or comfort you. They come to let you know all is well and bring their love. They truly want your happiness regardless of the earthbound relationship you may or may not have had. Possibly the most important of all aspects to this sign is it feels ‘real and is very vivid.

After our Loved One crosses over, it is my belief they are quite anxious to let us know they’re okay and are aware of what’s happening in our lives. Remember, to be sure that what you’ve experienced is the ‘work of a Spirit’ and not just a coincidence, trust your intuition, and then simply ask for the same method of communication to be repeated and wait. You may have to wait a few days – but if it is a loved one, it’ll happen again!

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