3 Things To Know When Asking for Help From The Other Side 2

3 Things To Know When Asking for Help From The Other Side

I am often asked how to ask for help from those who have crossed over or our spirit guides. To begin with know they are all there. They all bring comfort, support and help you in your day to day life whether you realize it or not. You may hear them, see them, feel their presence, or receive new insights. Regardless, you don’t have to be a Medium to work alongside Spirit in your life. Connection is certainly as easy as just thinking of them or praying.

There are Universal Laws when dealing with the other side. Here are 3 things you should know.

Firstly, we here on earth have been given the gift of free will; the ability to act at one’s own discretion. You make your choices. Spirit cannot interfere with this. If you are being guided in one direction yet choose another they have no control of this. How do you know you’re making the right decision? Trust your intuition or gut feelings. We have all gone back to the past and knew we should have chosen differently. Use that gut feeling you have, the knowingness and inner voice as this is trying to tell you something and be assured it’s from your higher self that connects with Spirit.

Secondly, what we ask for must be in our higher interest and not involving others. We can ask that they help US change a situation however they cannot affect others on our behalf. And always ask that any changes happen in a natural and healthy way. We don’t want to ask for financial help and then to get a promotion because our co-worker gets hit by as a bus!

Lastly, we must trust, be patient and be open. Be extra observant in your life. Notice things that you hear, say and feel. They work in mysterious ways! They often give us guidance in the ways of ideas or information that we can use each day. Sometimes other things must fall in place before your request can be created. Don’t try to rush it. We want things to unfold naturally.

Your passed loved ones come from a place that only knows unconditional love regardless of the earthly relationship you may or may not have had. Although you may not have known a family member yet still feel a special connection to them, trust this and work with that connection. Parents continue to parent, siblings still watch out for you. You still have a relationship with those that have crossed, it’s only changed.

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