The 3 Practices Of Spiritual People

The 3 Practices Of Spiritual People

Ever notice that spiritual and spirituality have become some often used words. I’m not even sure when this happened. I just know that I hear them constantly. So I began to wonder what it means to be spiritual.  Does it mean we go to church every week or practice yoga or meditation every day or perhaps you follow the teachings of someone or a group, nope that doesn’t make you a spiritual person.  So what does it mean?

Being a spiritual is one and the same with being a person whose main priority is to be loving to oneself and others. People, animals, and the planet all make the list of importance to a spiritualist as they believe we are all one. A spiritual person is a kind person. A spiritual person is a person who is always aware of the space inside and outside of themselves.

The 3 Ways of spiritual people

  1. They Worship where and when it’s right

They don’t need a temple or church to practice their spirituality. Their spiritual ‘house is their body. That’s not to say they do not attend a house of worship but they don’t need one. Their devotion can take place at anytime and anyplace, a forest, a sacred space in their home, a hospital bed, I would suggest it can be anywhere, which in its self is a beautiful thing.

  1.  They See Potential, Not Difficulties.

Spiritual people are the masters on the glass half full, lemons to lemon aid, you get the picture. While others struggle to not sweat the small stuff, spiritual people live for the small stuff.  If there is anyone in the world who will walk in your shoes it’s a spiritualist.  They understand that empathy means feeling another’s pain but not so much that they take on others’ pain. They know you have a story with a happy ending.

  1. They trust.

Imagine knowing you are on the right path and evolving exactly the way you should. When we trust both our intuition and the world around us, we begin to understand that everything is exactly the way it supposed to be. The decision to follow your intuition may be a scary one, but believe me, it knows what your life’s path is about much better than you.

The list could go on without question as spirituality is a very personal thing, especially as I think of some of the Masters of spirituality that I have come to know and learn from. As I think of them all these three traits are common in all but the list could go on. And interesting enough when I think of my own mentors the other thing they all have in common is an element of humbleness. They see the truth in themselves and look to find peace within themselves first. Spirituality is a belief system and a lifestyle in one’s self.


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