10 Things Id Tell You If We Were BFFs

10 Things I’d Tell You If We Were BFF’s

If we were best friends, on my porch, having a tea (or wine, or vodka, you  get the picture) here’s what I would tell you;

  1. Working as a Medium comes with awkward moments of silence and therefore some days it feels so hard I think I should just quit. I had so many profound moments working with Spirit that if the session doesn’t rock my world, it does feel like I’ve not given a good reading.
  2. Being a Medium is a journey. It’s not just practice, practice and you get a promotion. It’s more than just developing your skills, that’s just the beginning. My journey hasn’t ended and never will, with each session I learn something new. It’s like being in a candy store at times and blows my mind. Other times have been some of the hardest moment of my life as I’m on my own spiritual path just like you.
  3. Once I realized it wasn’t about me and my performance anxiety and ego stepped aside. Once I realized work wasn’t about ME, there was no merit raise or review to worry about. It’s about spirit and the person in front of me. I don’t have to perform; Spirit will do the work. All I must do is be open and pass on the information.
  4. I don’t read people without permission. We people find out what I do, it’s interesting to watch some almost recoil in fear. I could walk around all day every day reading people. If I did that I burn out, no different then you and your work. Now, having said there have been times where spirit interrupts me regardless of where I am, subway, chapters, a football game, to deliver a message, this I respect because they respect my space.
  5. It troubles me deeply when assumptions are made about me and the work I do. As with any profession or industry, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. I take great care to be authentic and do not take people’s trust lightly.
  6. I don’t worry about the skeptics. The truth is there is no way I can make them believe. If they are open to it or not. It’s not my job isn’t to convert skeptics into believers or argue with them. The fact is if you truly believe I your belief you don’t need to defend it. (Not gonna lie, I have converted a few).
  7. No psychic or medium is perfect. We make mistakes. Messages can be misinterpreted and make absolutely no sense at the moment. Often I hear back from clients as suddenly the pieces fall into place days or even weeks later. We get tired, have bad days and some days struggle like the rest.
  8. I love when I make people cry. This is probably the most important thing that validates my work for me. Tears of joy or relief don’t make difference to me because this is a sign that the client has received assurance, healing, and knows they are not alone.
  9. If I could I would walk this earth, rely on the kindness of strangers and heal the world. Well, that’s not going to happen. Not much more say there.
  10. So long as I can talk I will work. This is my path, my purpose and what makes my heart smile. I love my work. Why? Because I have the tools to give you a gift.

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